Apart from cooking and baking workshops at my venue, I also conduct many other kinds of workshops, to suit the needs as per the requirement. Following are the various workshops that I conduct.

Corporate events

In the recent past, there has been immense demand of cookery demonstrations in corporate sectors, both public sector (i.e. government offices) and private sector.

HR team is trying to bring in more engagement of their employees within their organization. Engaging the participants with demonstration workshop helps them to learn simple and smart recipes and can be an excellent stress reliever.

College & school Events

Exclusive cookery workshops and large orders tailor made for college and schools are also taken keeping in mind the learning needs of the students. Active participation in cultural activities of the institutions.

Social club & COMMUNITY events

Cookery workshops are conducted for social clubs and for large community (apartments/society) events also.

All course modules are designed based on the cuisine required by the social club/community head and all these demonstrations are very interactive and participants can feel and taste the flavors of food being cooked.

They too have the recipe booklet to take home with them.

private cookery workshops

Private Cookery workshops for a group of individuals

As the private workshops is for the group of people who know each other there’s lot of camaraderie, fun and interaction during these workshops

Private workshops are held at the venue of choice of the participants with around 15 participants and the cuisine list is tailored in accordance with their needs and interests

Online Classes

Online classes are conducted for those who would want to attend classes at their place and based on their own convenient time. Online classes provides the flexibility to people to be able to attend the class irrespective of the location.

There are two types of classes conducted, Online LIVE class and Online Recorded session. For more details on the details of online class, you can click here

Cooking and Baking Workshop at my place

Cooking and baking workshops are conducted providing hands-on and practical classes to the students. Every students gets opportunity to try the items and personal attention is given so that any doubts/clarifications of all the students are clarified.

For more details, on list of cooking and baking workshops conducted, you can check it here: Cooking & Baking Workshop Details

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