Parathas Workshop

The session is a direct offline workshop. Online option also available.

Direct Offline ClassAvailable
Online Live SessionAvailable
Online Recorded Video Available

Date: 13-Jun ’23
Time: 11-2 PM

Reema’s Swad Cooking Classes schedules vegetarian Paratha Special Class…
This class includes:
🥙 Aloo Paratha
🥙 Gobi Paratha
🥙 Paneer Paratha
🥙 Onion Paratha
🥙 Puran Poli (Sugar Paratha)
🥙 Lachha Paratha
🥙 Methi Paratha
🥙 Palak Paratha
🥙 Cheese Paratha
🥙 Mooli Paratha
🥙 Chapathi
🥙 Phulka

Reema (Chennai)

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