Mocktail, Milkshakes & Smoothies

The session is a direct offline workshop. Online option also available.

Direct Offline ClassAvailable
Online Live SessionAvailable
Online Recorded Video Available

Date: 17-May ’22
Time: 11-2 PM

Reema’s Swad Cooking Classes schedules yummy Mocktail class…
This class includes:
🍹Lady Lipp/Pink Lady
🍹Blue Lagoon
🍹Orange Blossom
🍹Coconut Punch
🍹Paan Shots
🍹Choco Mocha Milkshake
🍹Dry Fruit Milkshake
🍹Sheikh Shake
🍹Oreo Crumble Milkshake
🍹Apple Smoothie
🍹Banana Smoothie
🍹Mango/Seasonal Smoothie

Reema (Chennai)

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