Cake Baking & Frosting Workshop

The session is a direct offline workshop. Online option also available.

Direct Offline ClassAvailable
Online Live SessionAvailable
Online Recorded Video Available

June Batches:
Batch1: 10-11 Jun ’23 (11-4 PM) – Weekend
Batch2: 22-23 Jun ’23 (11-4 PM)

July Batches:
Batch1: 11-12 Jul ’23 (11-4 PM)
Batch2: 22-23 Jul ’23 (11-4 PM) – Weekend

Reema’s Swad Cooking Classes schedules vegetarian and eggless Cake Baking & Frosting Class…
It’s a Direct/Hands-on workshop (Online option available)

This class includes:
🍰Basics of baking
🍰How to use OTG
🍰Baking Cake
🍰Baking Cup Cakes
🍰Flavours Include -Vanilla, Pineapple, Strawberry, Butter Scotch, Choclate, Tuitty fruity, Orange, Litchi
🍰Icing on Cup Cakes
🍰Pineapple Pastry
🍰Black Forest Pastry
🍰Chocolate Truffle
🍰Photo Cake
🍰Barbie Doll Cake
🍰Kids Favourite Choco Lava Cake
🍰Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese
🍰Feather design
🍰Drip design

Limited seats only! Enroll your names at the earliest

Reema (Chennai)

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students who have become professional home bakers…

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