Bakalava Making Workshop


The session is a direct offline workshop. Online option also available.

Direct Offline ClassAvailable
Online Live SessionAvailable
Online Recorded Video Available

Reema’s Swad Cooking Classes schedules vegetarian & eggless Baklava workshop

🔸 Baklava is a Turkish delicacy and a sort of dessert 😋
🔸 Baklava is a pastry which is sweet and have layers filled with dry fruits organized with syrup

The class will cover the following
🧇 Making of phyllo sheets
🧇 Flavoured syrup
🧇 Varieties of fillings
🧇 Different shapes of Baklava
🔹 Finger Baklava
🔹 Pyramid Baklava
🔹 Square Baklava
🔹 Bracelet Baklava
🔹 Midye Baklava

Reema (Chennai)

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