Consultancy & Others


Food and Restaurant is a growing industry and has been going through tremendous innovation and changes. I do provide consultancy and professional service in various facets of this industry.

Restaurant menu curation

Menu is the first thing the diner looks upto in the restaurant.
Restaurant menu is always given the topmost performance to increase the customer walk-in.
So reinforce your restaurant identity by designing your menu under the expert guidance of our chef.

food consulting

As a renowed professional, we help you design and implement the food service management of a new ventures or already existing hospitality industry by providing the required expertise, knowledge and experience.

marketing events

Every company needs the right platform which helps them to get the right audience for marketing their products. We do host such marketing events in various forms such as cooking competitions, product demonstrations, talent identification contest etc. In the recent past, such events were conducted for Cadburys & Nestle

chairing/judging events

Many a times, when corporates, societies, educational institution conducts events, as part of their various activities/initiatives, cooking related activity (such as cooking competition, sharing health benefits of certain food etc) tops their list. It becomes a pleasure and honour to chair/judge such events and share my experience with a larger audience. In the recent past, I was invited for an event at Skywalk Mall, by a cultural club, by Charity Organization and many others

At Skywalk Mall