Bread, Pizza & Doughnuts Workshop

Classroom SessionClassroom session presently on hold due to Covid situation.
Online ClassAvailable

Reema’s Swad Cooking Classes schedules vegetarian and eggless Bread Making, Pizza Making and Doughnuts Class

This class includes:
🍞Sandwich Bread
🍞Soup Sticks
🍞Stuffed Pav
🍞Focaccia Bread
🍕Pizza Base
🍕Bubble Pizza
🍕Cheese Burst Pizza
🍕Thin Crust Pizza
🍕Pizza Sauce
🌮Garlic Bread–Domino’s Style
🌀Designer Breads
– Crown Bread
– Criss Cross Bread
– Nutella Bread
Donuts – Cinnamon Donuts, Chocolate Donuts & Sugar Donuts

Reema (Chennai)

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