Online Classes

In the current times, there’s a growing need for people to be able to learn Online, as that provides them with flexibility of learning from their own place and as per their convenient time. Keeping this in mind, we also provide Online Classes for all of our classes (Full Menu class and Solo Item Class)

How does Online Class Work?

LIVE Classes

These classes happen LIVE on Zoom video and is scheduled every month.

✅ Class will be a LIVE class on Zoom video
✅ Recipe (in printable pdf format) will be emailed to you
✅ Class will be interactive and any doubts during the class will be cleared
✅ For any support that you require after the class, you contact me
✅ Recorded video of the session will be available for 30 days in YouTube, so you can watch the video any number of times later also, when actually making the items

For schedule of online LIVE classes, Click Here


Recorded Sessions – Recorded video of the class is available and video link is shared which one can watch as per your convenience.

✅ The classes are available as recorded videos
✅ Video link and access will be provided for 30 days
✅ Recipes (in printable pdf format) will be shared to your email id
✅ For any support that you require after the class, you can contact me on WhatsApp/Call and will provide the guidance

For list of all cooking and baking courses, click here

Registration for online class

✅ Send me a WhatsApp message on 89395-66195 for the Online class you want to take up (Click here for WhatsApp message) and will provide details

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